Pershing Professionals Contacts as of: 20 Aug 2011

Chapter Officers Board Members
President Tex Chelette Pat Ready
1st Vice President LaRue Hill David Rau
2nd Vice President Tiger Gaines Norman Brantley
Treasurer Don Merrick Ray Desjarlais
Asst Treasurer Randy Fontenot Wesley Moffett
Secretary Glenn Stebleton Will Havron
Asst Secretary  Randy Fontenot Billy Wright
News Letter Glenn Stebleton William Bilo
SGT at Arms Ed Bethune
Chaplain Larry Copeland
Bylaws/ways & Means Historian/Memorabilia
David Rau Richard Wilkerson
Tiger Gaines Norman Brantley
Art Hoffman Arno Wardeski

Web Site Contacts

Webmaster Contact Steve Stelmarski General Web Site questions or comments should be sent here
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